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We design, develop and supply intelligent solar and energy monitoring solutions.

With over 5 years’ experience with fully qualified electricians, VersaceSolar can provide expert services on all Solar Panel needs, placing the utmost priority on our customer’s satisfaction.

Versace Solar are highly experienced and have dedicated staff who have consistently demonstrated strong performance in the field.  You can be sure to have the job done on time, efficiently and at the best price, guaranteed!


Our mission is to empower people to navigate the changing energy landscape.


Whether your family is growing, you’re installing a pool, working from home or retiring, a residential solar system will make your life more affordable.

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We design, develop and supply intelligent solar and energy monitoring solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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Why go Solar?

There are many reasons why going solar is great for home and business owners, including reduced electricity costs, environmental benefits, and potential home value increases. 

But the one that is on the forefront of why we are in the solar game, is helping people achieve energy independence.

Through solar PV, batteries, or smart home technologies, homes and businesses are able to use the energy they generate, and become less dependant on fluctuating energy prices, and power-outages.

Energy Optimisation

We use energy optimisation technologies to help solar owners get more out of the most out of their system and to potentially further help reduce their bills, and dependency on the grid. 

They can help by understanding solar owners energy consumption, monitoring their system, and intelligently control their power. 

Versace Solar uses smart home technologies from various well known brands that can help our customers achieve this.

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